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here’s to polyamorous bisexuals, to promiscuous bisexuals, to bisexuals who really are confused about their sexuality.

i’ve fit into all three of these categories at one point or another and we get thrown under the bus a lot. here’s to everyone who fits the stereotype.

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this kitten is unbelievable

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Wow. I just thought: I miss my cat, I should text her.

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41 days, 4 hours since Mike Brown was killed.



@ShaunKing exposes Ferguson PD lie about distance from SUV

Huffington Post contrasts how the media treats white suspects and killers better than black victims.

110 more days until Grand Jury deadline.

Please never stop updating please

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Inquisitor Ask Meme


  1. What color best represents them?
  2. If they were an animal, which would they be?
  3. Which music genre would best describe your Inquisitor?
  4. What season reflects their personality best?
  5. If your Inquisitor was a force of nature, what kind would they be? (hurricane, earthquake, etc.)

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Snuggle bum.

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Papa Fenris getting morning groomed

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Hi everyone! As many of you know, I have a patreon. I would really like to meet my first goal so that I can continue working on lime & my racebend series! Right now, I still have to take on too many commissions to work on these regularly.

How it works: You subscribe as little as $1 USD monthly. Your subscription lets me work on lime, my racebend series, and two other comic projects.

What you get: early access to comics, lineart .psds, discount prints, free requests, private / custom livestreams, and more! The more you pledge, the more you get.

How to do: Go to my patreon and subscribe!

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